Sunday, 31 March 2013

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Remember the Humpty Dumpty pieces from last week's Five for Friday?

Well, the kids have finished putting them together with some concertina folded legs, arms, cute hats and bow ties - and they look pretty amazing!

I am really loving the uniqueness of each one.  While same same art has it's place in teaching the process and following instructions, I have to say I prefer the students' personalities to shine out and show their different creative and imaginative skills. 

They're hanging up in our classroom now, next to our sheep, and there has been a lot of comments from the parents about how great they look. 

To make your own with your childen you need to:

- prepare some 'bricks'.  I measured the paper and planned the rectangles to fit three across and the squares to fit six across to make it work out easily without gaps.

- get your child to build a wall on their piece of paper.

- get your child to draw a Humpty Dumpty.  We practiced first on mini whiteboards, mainly to make sure we ended up with an oval of relatively large size, although as you can see  we still ended up with some small ones.

- cut around your child's Humpty or get them to do it if they are capable.

- decide what you are going to use for arms, legs, hat and bow tie.  You could do the same as us or something different, it really is up to you!

Really, the best part that makes the whole thing to awesome is the child's drawn Humpty Dumpty.  Imagine them looking back at that in 20 years time!


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