Saturday, 23 March 2013

Five for Friday

It's my first time to join in with Five on Friday, a perfect week to do so with Easter on its way.  Our class has been doing Nursery Rhymes at the moment, which works great with Easter.

Little Bo Peep's sheep.  The kids cut out the oval body shape themselves and we used a mix of shaving cream and PVA glue to get the wool-like appearance.  My EA and I had a great time looking at how the students had placed the legs, head and eyes and the different sheep personalities that shined out from their placements.

 My Easter Roll and Cover game met with great success, the kids loved it and begged to play it again next week.

 We made walls out of squares and rectangles...

...and drew Humpty Dumpty's body ready to put together with hat, bow tie, arms and legs and seat him on his wall next week.  I can't wait to see and show you all the finished product!

And finally, my favourite Easter craft project - Easter foil eggs.  We cut an egg template from cereal boxes and cover with alfoil.  The students paint the foil and while the paint is still wet, use a cotton bud to draw patterns on their eggs.  We have been practicing zig zags, bumpy lines, squiggles and straight lines as a pre writing activity so it was lovely to see the students put them into play here.

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