Sunday, 24 March 2013

Book Love #1

I am a big fan of picture books, along with all other Early Childhood teachers that I know.  I love seeing the different books you guys use for your lessons or just to read to the students. 

I thought I'd share a great Easter book I found at a second hand bookshop a couple of years ago.  I've always found Easter books have been hard to find, although there are a few more coming out now.

The version I found, for just $10, is a lovely hardcover, lift the flap with metallic art works.  The animals are searching for a golden egg and throughout the rhyming story they find a lot of different metallic sparkling eggs hiding behind things.  Perfect for a colour reinforcement activity as well for your young ones and a nice rhyming story is always a popular capitivator, at least for my students.

Aren't the illustrations adorable as well?

Do you have a favourite Easter story book?  I'd love to hear what it is!

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