Monday, 4 March 2013

Easter already?!

While hot cross buns have been available in the shops since January here in Australia, Easter has still managed to creep up on me.  It's been written on my term planner since the beginning of term but somehow, Week 5 is already here and that means Easter is just a couple of weeks away. 

Today is a Public Holiday in Western Australia and seeing as I only work Monday, Wednesday and Thursday that means I am in the middle of a five day weekend.  Ahh yes, it has been bliss.  Up until today I've very much just been lazing about, with a bit of retail therapy thrown in on Saturday.  Today however, it is school work and house work day.  I use one to procrastinate from the other and that way I at least get something productive done.  Clearly, it's not much of a house work day because I've put together two new Easter games for my TPT store.  Both for Math Centres.  I'm looking forward to printing and laminating them this week ready to use soon!

This first one is a subitising activity.  Subitising is big in Australia but I'm not sure about other countries so I'll quickly tell you that subitising is the ability to see 'how many' of an object there are without the need to count.  For example, on a dice - we all recognise the dot pattern without having to count.    Obviously however, young students don't so this game is for them.  Over here, this is considered a very important numeracy skill to learn.  As you can see on the eggs, the dots are set out in different patterns to challenge the students.  Click on the picture to go to my TPT store.

This second product is used with a dice or two and has two different game boards.  One has numerals 1-6 and is used with one dice and the other has numerals 2-12 and is used with two die.  Students have to match the number to the sum on the die and cover them as they appear.  Click on the picture for more info.

I'd love to know what activities are your favourites to use each Easter in your Math and Literacy Centres!

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