Monday, 28 October 2013

Math Monday (Shapes)

I'm back again for Math Monday at A Burst of First.   I enjoyed looking through lots of the ideas last week.  While I do not see myself as particularly mathematically minded or great at Math, I do really enjoy teaching math skills to my Kindy group.  It's so rewarding watching their skills develop and there is such visible development in the early years. 

One thing I noticed earlier in the year was that when we were doing drawing activities and I asked, for example, my students to draw some windows on their houses, there were a lot of oval or circular shaped 'square' windows.

That's a pretty good self-drawn star on the right for a just turned five year old!

So I thought I'd get making and put together this little set of shape drawing practice cards for my students to use.  There are three different cards available and they cover drawing practice for circles, squares, ovals, rectangles, triangles, stars, hearts and diamonds.  There are three or four shapes to trace around and then a spot for the student to have a go at drawing the shape on their own.  It has really helped my students with their drawing skills!

I tend to laminate my fine motor skills sheets and we rotate them around first thing in the morning but you could just give them out as an activity sheet to take home as well.

This one is another freebie over at my TPT store.  If you head over and download it, I'd love it if you could leave me some feedback too!


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