Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Math Monday (Graphing)

We're one week down in Term 4 over here in Australia and my Kindy (US pre-K) students are just gobbling up any learning I can throw at them. I've got a few students who have just started to 'click' with their learning and things are making sense to their little brains now. It's such an exciting time of the year and there are many proud moments as my students do things they couldn't previously.

Like graphing. We've been doing a bit of graphing now and again since Term 3, mainly whole class graphing. They had done one individual graph last term and then I decide to throw them in the deep end (or so I thought) in the first week of term with another individual graph.

We are learning about Our Five Senses at the moment and started the term off with Sight. So we went on an I Spy walk. Not only did I expect them to make their own graph but I also wanted them to do something we haven't done before, tallying. We didn't go with the classic tallying, instead I put the numbers 1 - 7 next to an object and each time they saw something they circled the next number.

Again, I was a little unsure how they would manage with this seeing as we have never done anything like it before but they followed the instructions pretty well.  Of course, everyone saw different amounts of the objects depending on where they were looking.  And after doing a great job on their tallying, they came back to class and did a brilliant job on their graphing.  I thought I would be doing lots of assisting but it was mostly just sitting back and making sure they were on track and discussing all their findings with them.

Such a proud teacher moment
You can currently get the I Spy Walk and Graph sheets for free at my TPT store.  In time they will become a part of my Five Senses package but that is still being worked up as we do the theme in the classroom.

Also, I can show you this sneak peak of something else on its way to my TPT store.  I really love how this is turning out, not only good learning opportunities but it looks so pretty!  Keep your eyes peeled...

 This is my first time joining in with Math Monday over at A Burst of First.  Hopefully I'll be back again with another resource or idea to share next week!

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