Monday, 14 January 2013

Make it Monday

Hi there!

I'm Megan and I'm an Early Childhood Teacher in Australia.  This year will be my eighth year as a teacher and my fifth year teaching Kindy.  Over here in Western Australia, Kindergarten is the first year of formal school and comes before Pre Primary which then follows on to Year 1 and up.  Kindy kids come to school the year they turn 4 (before June 30 of that year, if they are 4 after that date they come the following year - just to be confusing!) 

After having most of last year off after some health problems, I'm heading back to work three days a week this year and I'm back in my own classroom again too.  Kindy kids come to school two and half days a week, perfect for me to get back into things slowly while still having a bit of down time in between my work days.

Over here, we're on our big break at the moment and school doesn't start back until the end of January.  So I've got all this time to plan and make and get ready.  Unfortunately I can't get into my classroom yet to get things organised (and it is quite likely that it hasn't been cleaned yet anyhow) so all my energy is going into pinning (you can find me here), creating, printing, laminating and so forth!

One thing I pinned a while ago was these birthday balloons from Once Upon a First Grade Adventure.  There's a cute free printable on the post too.  Such a great idea, a 'card' and a present in one.  What child doesn't like a curly straw?!

I've only managed to find one packet of curly straws so far but as soon as I find some more I'll be filling up my birthday 'jar' so I'm all ready for the year ahead!

I've also started up a TPT page, Teacher Down Under, and I've listed my first two products!

The first product, a free one, is a group of theme pages that you could use as a cover for your files, folders or theme boxes.  There's a page for All About Me, Things That Go (transport), Teddy Bears' Picnic, On the Farm and Zoo Animals.  I uploaded it this afternoon and when I went and looked tonight it says it has already had two downloads! I have to say that leaves me feeling pretty good!

click the picture to visit my store

 My second product is a Basic Skills Assessment package for Pre-K, Kindergarten and Preschool students, depending on what part of the world and what schooling system you are following!  I'll be using it with my students this year, as this is their first year of school there isn't any data to show where they are at developmentally.  The package assessed colours, shapes, letter sounds, positional concepts and basic concepts.

I have to admit, I'm a bit excited about opening my new store, so I'm having a little giveaway of my first product.  Enter below!

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